The Legend Of TheMoor's Head


The protagonists of this legend are a young Moor and a Sicilian girl. We find ourselves around the year 1100, the period of the domination of the Moors in Sicily, in the Arab quarter of Palermo “Al Hàlisah” (which means the chosen one) today called Kalsa. A beautiful young girl lived there and spent her days all alone in the house, dedicating her attention to the care of the plants on her balcony. From the top of her lush balcony she was soon noticed by a young Moor, who fell madly in love with her and openly declared his ardent passion for her. The young woman, accustomed to a solitary life, was pleasantly struck by this promise of love and reciprocated her feelings by giving herself to him. After a short time, the young girl discovered that the Moor was hiding a very serious secret. His heart was not totally free as he had told her, he had a wife and children waiting for him in the East and the time had come to return home. The maiden was destroyed to learn such news and embittered by that betrayed love which was now about to abandon her, she was seized with anger which inexorably pushed her to revenge. So in the night, while the Moor was sleeping, she struck him mortally so he would never abandon her again. She also decided to cut off his head, creating with it a vase, where she placed a basil sprout inside. The maiden knew that this perfumed plant (from the Greek “Basileus – King”) represented the herb of the sovereigns; in this way, in spite of the terrible act performed, she continued to take care of her beloved as if he were her king. She decided to place the Moor’s Head on her balcony, dedicating herself every day to the care of the plant that was growing luxuriantly. The neighbours, pervaded by the scent of the plant, were soon envious of it and had terracotta pots made that were the same features as the one lovingly cared for by the young girl.


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Anyone who has visited Sicily has instantly fallen in love with one of the most ornamental attributes of this land, often present in the form of ceramic decorations adorned on the balconies or in the old villas of the island. A legend surrounded by mystery, romance and revenge. Discover the first series of our products.


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