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Our selection of t-shirts designed by Jericó Delayah, finds inspiration in the world of tattooing and tells about extraordinary cultures and traditions.

Traditional Skulls T-Shirt

The puppet theatre known as the Opera dei Pupi emerged in Sicily,The puppeteers told stories based on medieval chivalric literature and other sources, such as Italian poems of the Renaissance, the lives of saints and tales of notorious bandits.

Saint Judas T-Shirt

Design dedicated to San Judas Taddeo, considered the protector of lost causes. A very revered religious figure in Latin America,where he is celebrated above all by hit men, thieves and narcos.    

Patron Saint Black T-Shirt

Iconic religious figure of Italy that has eradicated the plague. Santa Rosalia (1130-1166), also known as La Santuzza or "The little saint", is the patron saint of Palermo in Italy, Camargo, Chihuahua and three cities in Venezuela.  
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Special pack of 3 T-Shirts in 100% pure cotton, unisex fit. Products Made with screen printing technique and accurate direct and 3d embroidery. Get the entire line at a discounted rate.

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  1. Emanuela

    Materiali di ottima qualità con stampe davvero perfette! Consigliatissimo!!

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