Italian Sacred Tattoo


A wonderful sacred and profane Italian story.  As the tradition tell us, during the Crusades time soldiers used to get their faith’s symbol tattooed to be recognized by the “infidels” and to guarantee ecclesiastical burial, which at the time was denied to those who succumbed in battle and did not present symbols of their religion. The tattoo was therefore a sign of recognition that represented Christianity. This tradition has spanned the centuries reaching its maximum diffusion in one of the most revered sanctuaries in the world, the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto.

Here pilgrims from all over Europe gathered who, after the long journey of faith, had the memory of so much devotional ardor imprinted on their skin. Close by the Sanctuary there were numerous “markers” who used these casts to imprint sacred images on the skin of the pilgrims who visited the Sanctuary.

After centuries  during which this art became one of the symbols of the pilgrimage to Italy and in particular to the Sanctuary of Loreto, the tradition was forgotten.


An exciting collaboration with Meg. Margherita Fiorio is an Italian artist from Turin, she is a talented tattoo artist who creates her own style full of modern and urban details. Together we have created our own special version of a highly sought after tattoo: The Sacred Heart.

The sacred heart has been a symbol of passionate devotion for generations. Represents Christ’s love for mankind through his sacrifice on the cross for human sin. It is also a symbol to wish good luck and divine protection.

The main element of this new design is the squeezer effect used to create the signature graffiti drip-effect. Meg’s underground soul, mixed with this ancient tradition, open up a new era for this tattoo.

behind the scenes of old icon with tattoo artist meg.

Next Release November 2022 

Next Release November 2022 

Next Release November 2022