Jericó Delayah

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

Freelance illustrator and muralist artist based in Barcelona. Flat and expressive work, style that borns from a rough and doubtful line that plays with the basic forms and primary colors. Full symbology with minimalist compositions, where emptiness and error also explain stories, creating a conceptual and primitive level inspired by popular culture.

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Laura Dillema

The Art of Lettering, Laura is noisy, eclectic and glorious.

Laura Dillema, also known as “Emmelylaura” is a letter and graphic designer from the Netherlands. Completely self-taught in lettering, she created her own unique style of hers.You have worked with international brands such as Absolut Vodka, Yves Saint Laurent, Netflix, Virgin Records, RedBull TV , The Washington Post.

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Laura Ortiz Soma

Through her vibrant and colorful art, real life becomes magic.

Artist and illustrator from Bogotá, Colombia. Search in the graphic and painting to portray subjects related to territories, people’s trades and traditions; and on another side introspective or personal subjects speaking to spectators through symbols that in many occasions are plants of the local environment.
Highlights from her work the participation in different street art festivals and mingas carried out in different populations of Colombia and in other countries since 2016, some collective and individual exhibitions and work as independent in social projects related to conflict and environment.

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  • 2022 – Comuna 13 (Coming Soon)
Margherita Fiorio

The art of street tattoo together with Meg.

Margherita Fiorio a.k.a. Meg, is an Italian tattoo artist, born and grown up in a small village Turin. At the age of 18, with very little money, he leaves his country, his community and his family to pursue his dream of becoming a tattoo artist. After a long artistic evolution, also intense and creative, has brought Meg to create his own personal style, through a mix of realism blended with graphical images, producing an unique urban effect, an awesome “alliance” of Black and White. He collaborates as guests with many famous Italian studio’s, and is always on the move to find new ideas, new experiences and culture.

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  • 2022 – Old Icon (Coming Soon)