Who Is Daniele Campanella

Daniele Campanella ® is a new clothing brand, founded in 2019 in Palermo, a historic and important city located in southern Italy and the main urban center of Sicily.

Created by the desire of the designer of the same name, to give shape and transform his ideas, passionate since childhood about graphics and design, develops in adulthood a great interest in design applied to the world of fashion.

Fascinated by various forms of street art and every constructive madness linked to the world of the street, he begins to wander to the most beautiful cities in the world that help to shape his background and his personal concept of lifestyle, which he tries to convey through his creations, inevitably influenced by his history and his homeland, a wonderful place, lively, frantic, unique for its chaotic beauty, a city rich in art and full of passion, but also characterized by a deep-rooted subculture made of violence and degradation.

Characteristics that inevitably contribute to create the soul of the brand, certainly oriented to the world of streetwear, where history, culture and traditions are contaminated by the street and transformed into authentic urban mixes.